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2019 FATCA and CRS Reporting Service open for business

Feb 19, 2019

We are delighted to announce the opening of our 2019 FATCA and CRS Online Reporting Service  The efficient and cost effective service remains the same as previous years - a tried and tested process powered by our versatile Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange software.

Online Bureau Service

  1. Prepare your reporting data in our Excel spreadsheet template
  2. Validate the data as you enter it with our Spreadsheet Checker App
  3. Upload to your account in our secure web portal
  4. Data is then processed and you are notified when your reports are ready for download from your portal account.      

Contact us for a quote : Let us know how many reports you need and approximately how many Account Holders are in each.

Installed Software

For larger reporting volumes or to benefit from integrating to your enterprise systems to make reporting a touch of the button process, the installed option for Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange is the best option. Pricing is proportional to your reporting volumes so it is affordable to all sizes of organisations.

Contact us for a software licence quote : Let us know how many reports you need and approximately how many Account Holders are in each.

If you have any questions then please just contact us - we will be glad to help - Contact us here

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