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Online CRS Reporting Service Status : Operating Normally

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Exit from Covid-19 Lockdown: Business as usual

Mar 12, 2020

(Update July 14th 2020) Life and business in Guernsey has returned to almost normal as COVID-19 has presently been elminated from the Island and the Island exists as the 'Baliwick bubble' - level 5 of the exit from lockdown plan.  Pubs, clubs, restaurants are all open as are offices. Borders are essentially closed with travel restrictions and quarantine requirements.  Fusion operated almost as normal during the previous phases of lockdown with our staff working from home.  Now we have resumed operations laregly from the officewith some working form home continuing.

FATCA & CRS Online Reporting services : Open for Business, Turn around times normal.

We are continuing to engage with new customers in addition to servicing repeat business.   Contact us in the usual way. 

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We will update this information should circumstances change.

Alan Rowe
Managing Director - Fusion Systems Limited