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FATCA xml file bureau service

Feb 19, 2015

Fusion Systems offers a bureau service for the processing of data to create the required FATCA XML return files to enable easy filing with Tax Authorities around the world.

The service enables users to securely send a set of data to the company and the processing team will validate the data for completeness and conformity to the FATCA specification. After processing the data Fusion will return the US FATCA v1.1 XML submission file by secure method enabling the company to make a submission to their Tax Authority. Where submission to IDES is required we can help with a signing and packaging tool. Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange software powers the service.

Alan Rowe, Sales & Marketing Director at Fusion Systems commented, "We have created this service as it became apparent that a number of prospective clients that we spoke to about our software, some only had a small number of returns to generate this year. For them it would not be particularly cost effective or efficient to install the software within their business so this service became an obvious solution to the problem and we are pleased to step in and provide it."

"Recently there has also been an increasing recognition that the returns files cannot readily be produced without specialist software such as Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange - it is not a matter of filling in a paper submission or even an on-line form at the Tax office's website. It is a complex file." added Mr Rowe.  

The service can be used by organisations around the world whose filing requirements specify the US IRS FATCA v1.1 format. Prospective users of the service should contact us for further information. Competitive pricing, including support for high volume requirements make the service attractive to organisations of all sizes.