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fb Jersey Registry Tools Update 2

Mar 17, 2021

Quick Read :
Flyingboat Jersey Registry Tools, our automated Registry filing solution will save you time and money by automating the initial upload of registry data and provide press button Annual Confirmation Statement filing as well as on going Registry update filing and filing fee management.  The first phase of functionality is built and currently in testing with the JFSC Registry Test API endpoint.  The solution will imminently be available for deployment to customer sites to meet the current 30th June Annual File Confirmation deadline. 

We have the some of the largest Corporate Service Providers in Jersey committed to the solution as our launch partners and the opportunity is remains to join them.

The details :
Last autumn we announced we were developing a Jersey Registry filing automation software product to take advantage of the API features that the new Jersey Digital Company Registry would offer.  Our initials goals were :

  • to enable the bulk data upload requirement;
  • to enable automation of the initial Annual Confirmation Statement filing;
  • provide facilities for on-going Registry filing and filing fees management.

Our first iteration of Flyingboat Jersey Registry Tools (fb-JRT) is now in test phase using the JFSC Jersey Registry Test API endpoint.  Following API finalisation and certification with the Registry we anticipate rolling out the launch customers shortly in good time to complete the program objectives.

The JFSC has now made the My Registry portal live for manual user interaction with Registry data and their attention is now turning to the completion of the API.

Our workflow based solution provides for import of data from host administration systems naturally including our own - Acumen and Flyingboat Wealth Management Software, review and approval of submission data, with side by side Registry data comparison, before filing with the Registry.  The software also supports file upload capabilities and Annual Confirmations are triggered from within the tool.  Utilising technologies and design cues from Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange, our solution inherits the ease of use and straight forward user experience that our customers are associating with our products.  Contact us for more information and a demonstration.