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fb-TDE 2018 Database Integration Module

Oct 3, 2017

Hot on the heels of closing a successful 2017 Tax Reporting Season we are previewing some of the significant features in the 2018 release of Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange (fb-TDE) starting with the Database Integration Module.

Simply the Database Integration module enables businesses to make the step from manual data preparation processes to smooth running "business as usual" reporting at the press of a button by integrating fb-Tax Data Exchange with your corporate data where ever that may reside.

How do we do it ? Database connections are configured within the module and through creating a series of SQL queries against each reporting data item, the data is extracted element by element, validated and where necessary mapped into new values or otherwise transformed. Remediation tools are also available to transform data that does not conform to reporting requirements and missing data elements can be remediated in a number of ways. fb-TDE's standard analysis functionality will highlight any data that does not meet validation criteria.

Now fb-TDE can be connected to any corporate data source whatever sector of the finance industry you are in.

We have prepared a number of 'canned' integrations for host systems that can be loaded from the library and deployed directly, we expect this portfolio to grow over time. Presently it includes the integration with a number of Fiduciary Administration systems including our own Flyingboat Wealth Management Software, Unity Elements and development of integration with ViewPoint is underway.

Update April 2018 : A new fb-TDE user has completed a 4Series Trust System integration.

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