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Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange 2019 - Pre Release information

Oct 31, 2018

Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange 2019 will feature a number of enhancements in response to user feedback and planned enhancements.  The first has been delivered as a late 2018 build to allow the use of Blob address types in jurisdictions where they are permissible.  This was delivered as part of an engagement to assist a client with a significant report correction requirement, but will be generally useful for any organisation where they are unable to maintain addresses in the OECD specified multi address line format.

A further change – this time enabled by a rule set update rather than a new software build, was to enable reporting to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  The Caribbean jurisdiction had been late bringing its reporting portal on line and had extended its reporting deadline to 2nd November 2018.  When a client requested that the jurisdiction was enabled we completed the request within 24 hours and the client was able to submit their reporting directly.

The main release of fb-TDE2019 will mainly feature functions to further improve user experience, provide more facilities for management and client reporting.  No doubt there will be updates to our jurisdictional rule sets as tax authority portals are reconfigured for the new reporting year with new requirements.