NEWS : Fusion Acusoft merges with Vega Solutions Limited

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Fusion Acusoft and Vega Solutions merge to form new technology group

Nov 8, 2021

Vega Solutions

Fusion Acusoft and Vega Solutions Limited have merged to form a new technology group that provides solutions to a wide range of financial services businesses in the Channel Islands and beyond.

This consolidation sees these innovative organisations coming together to create a single business that
offers core software solutions to Banks, Trust and Company administration, Fund administration and
Pension administration organisations. An expanding suite of regulation technology products including
FATCA and CRS Tax reporting software and automation tools for the new Jersey digital registry further
extend the portfolio under the Vega Solutions, Flyingboat and Acumen brands.

The merged business continues to have a core Channel Island client base, clients now number over 150
organisations and these are located in more than 20 jurisdictions. The larger scale and resources of the
new group provides additional impetus for growth through continued investment in customer service,
product development and the adoption of new technologies, taking advantage of Vega’s experience in
web technology to support clients’ requirements for Online Web and Mobile access and digitalisation.

Fusion Acusoft's Alan Rowe and Gary Munro are joined by David Collings as a fellow Director of the
business. Alan Rowe reiterated that the deal brings together like-minded, client focussed teams. ‘We
have known Vega for many years and we’re delighted we are now one. We have a real focus on client
service and the expanded capability of the group provides exciting new opportunities for our clients
which include some of the largest names in the Channel Islands & increasingly global financial services
industry. The breadth and capability of our products provides the market with a unique alternative

David Collings, added that merging with Fusion Acusoft brings real benefits to clients. “I’m delighted to
be working with Alan and Gary to help drive the combined business forward. Our clients operate in a
highly competitive and regulated industry that is undergoing constant challenges and change. We
strongly believe that being part of a larger group will position us to better support this client base with
innovative products and services.”

The new group is based in offices in St Peter Port, Guernsey and Reading in Berkshire.


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