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Fusion Everest Challenge January 2020

Dec 23, 2019

Some of Fusion Systems staff are joing together as a team for the Val des Terres Everset Challenge in support two very good local charities, The Sarah Groves Foundation and Guernsey Mind.

The challenge takes place between the 1st and 30th January, and consists of walking a circuit of up the Val de Terres, down George Road and down Havelet.  The circuit/lap is 1 mile long and takes on average 15-20 minutes per lap.  The challenge is to complete 115 laps within the 30 days, which on completion is equivalent of climbing Mount Everest 8850 metres. 

The Val de Terres is an iconic Guernsey road winding its way through several sweeping bends from sea level to 'cliff top' height.

Fusion is entering a team to share the load between them. Follow the event on the event Facebook page and support us through Just Giving:

Follow Fusion's progress on Strava: