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Guernsey Tax Reporting User Group Event

Nov 30, 2016

Users of Fusion's Automated Exchange of Information (AEOI) software and bureau service gathered at the Guernsey Digital Greenhouse on Tuesday 29th November for a briefing on changes that have been implemented to the software and services in order to support the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) reporting requirements in 2017.

After an initial welcoming address by Fusion's Sales & Markting Director Alan Rowe, the fully subscribed meeting then heard from Neil Hoolahan - senior manager for Tax at Grant Thornton Channel Islands who provided the audience with an update on latest news and information on both CRS and US FATCA reporting. Fusion went on to provide an update of the changes made for 2017 to accommodate the new reporting standard and to simplify the data collection materials. The presentation also included the first public demonstration on the new data visualisation tool and data analysis function. Together these features enable data errors to be readily identified and resolved thanks to the interactive graphical approach. As well as the interactive and dynamic data visualiser the function can also be used to highlight orphan data which otherwise might get overlooked.

An event for Fusion's users in Jersey is planned for the new year.