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Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange Data Integration Module

Nov 1, 2018

Making CRS and FATCA reporting a business as usual "press of the button activity" is a goal shared by most financial services businesses in order to become more efficient with their tax reporting processes.  Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange makes this possible with an out of the packet site configurable data integration module.

The module can be configured by your team (with our help if required) to extract data from your core systems databases, middleware, data warehouses - indeed any data source including spreadsheets.  The data is validated and checked on import using the same validation process as our spreadsheet importers.  Additional tools for data transformation to ensure that it conforms to schema requirements complete the picture.  The system is also completely flexible - one or many data sources can feed a single management group and different management groups can have different data sources providing you with all the flexibility you will need.

The data integration configurations can be exchanged between systems enabling us to share pre built configurations to extract data from common systems.  Integrations completed or in progress include:

  • Flyingboat Wealth Management Software
  • Microgen 4Series
  • Microgen Unity Elements
  • ViewPoint

Adam Hyland, Head of IT at Louvre Trust commented “Configuring the integration was a straight forward process and the Fusion team helped us with our understanding of the data mapping.  The results have been really transformational for our CRS reporting process.  We’ve eliminated countless hours of work in extracting, formatting and compiling the source data.  As well as making the process repeatable and far quicker, we have also eliminated areas of risk associated with the manual processing of data.”

For more information on integration of your systems with Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange contact us through our contact page.

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