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NEW: Jersey Registry Tools API filing solution


Next fb-wms release announced : v2.70

May 11, 2016

The next planned major update for Flyingboat Wealth Management software will be released this summer and features a combination of new features and functions together with technical upgrades related to updating the development tools that we use to build Flyingboat.

An integrated Document Management System function compliments the Reporting Hub functionality that was introduced in v2.60 and this enables documents to be securely stored within the database structure together with metadata that describes and tags documents to enable them to be attached to objects within Flyingboat. This enhances and extends the existing capability whereby Flyingboat provides links to stored documents.

Related to reporting the work to migrate reports to Ms Word and Ms Excel continues and an enhanced Extended Trial Balance export to Ms Excel will be a welcome addition for financial reporting. This method of reporting includes the ability to add site specific customisation to provide specific views of data to be automatically generated including use of all of Ms Excel's powerful data analysis tools for pivot tables, charting and graphing.

Enhancements to the Fixed Assets database structures now allow data recording structures suitable for recording detailed information about Yachts, Ships and aircraft to be recorded. The design to accommodate this data is also flexible and will allow other asset types to be created with their own definition of data fields to suit the class of asset. Further enhancements for the support of Foundations are also included.

As always there are many detailed functionality enhancements which are included in the release notes for the version and will continue to be added through the new version's lifecycle. Other enhancements include further extensions to the attribute system for customising the database for general and client specific needs, the ability to add documents to bookkeeping postings, the maintenance of address history as addresses change over time and the support for OECD address types for Common Reporting Standard reporting.

Our users should contact our support team for more information and to discuss planning for implementing the new version.

Flyingboat Support Team