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fb Client Web Portal

A platform for communicating securely with your clients whilst driving down the cost of delivery of information and enriching your client’s customer service experience.

Based on a common technology set each instance of Client Web Portal is tailored to each client’s particular requirements applying the branding of your business and selecting the functionality that you wish to enable for your clients Self Service experience.

File Exchange

A secure way to publish documents to your clients and third parties

Library Documents

Easy access to the standard documents your clients need from you from time to time.

Host System Data

Republishing of data as extracted from your core systems.

File Exchange

With fb-Client Web Portal (fb-CWP) you will no longer have to worry about securely exchanging documents with your clients – no more worries about sending documents to the wrong person, or email snooping and interception.

With fb-CWP publish a document for your client and they get an email notification with a login link to allow them to login to the portal and securely download the files. Your clients can send you documents as well and the designated contacts will receive notification of uploaded documents.

Library Documents

Many financial services companies still have standard documents and forms that need to be completed by various parties so having a central library where they can be readily accessed saves time and money.

To support a move to workflows electronic forms can also be embedded into fb-CWP to collect data from clients and initiate processes.

Host System Data

fb-CWP also provides the opportunity to display to your clients data as held in your systems. Integration with Flyingboat Wealth Management Software allows the presentation of data held across any of the data areas of the system – Financial information could include portfolio and asset valuation data, bank balances, loans etc. Listings of interests in entity structures and more.

Fb Client Web Portal Key Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Customer Self Service
  • Increased responsiveness & collaboration
  • Secure Document Exchange
  • Client interaction and collaboration
  • Timely information delivery
  • Standard Document libraries
  • Host system data display
  • Electronic Forms
  • Secure Dual Factor Authentication


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