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Online FATCA Reporting Service Status : Operating Normally

fb Tax Data Exchange

A FATCA & CRS xml reporting solution for financial institutions of all sizes around the world: Online or in business to suit your needs.


Updated for CRS v2.0

COVID-19 : Our Reporting as a service, and installed software options continue to operate normally. 

Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange makes CRS & US FATCA reporting easy for any size and type of financial institution anywhere in the world, available as installed software or Reporting as a Service. Tried and tested since 2015 with a host of unique features including real time data validation, data visualisation and on demand software update, Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange sets the standard in tax reporting.

As used by Banks, Fiduciaries, Investment Managers & Stock Brokers, Futures Traders, Fund Administrators, Pension providers in fact just about any type of financial services business all over the world.

Reporting as a service

Cost effective & easy to use

Installed software

For convenience & automation

Integrate with enterprise systems

For push button reporting

Creating CRS & FATCA xml files with Flyingboat-Tax Data Exchange

Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange is a US FATCA and Common Reporting Standard reporting solution. Available as software you can install in your business, or as a convenient to use secure online service, Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange generates the XML files any financial services requires to file with their tax authority.

Tried and tested since the inception of US FATCA reporting Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange has been used to generate thousands of XML files that have been submitted to tax authorities around the world.

Reporting as a service

Our online reporting service is fast, efficient and cost effective:

  1. Populate our data collector spreadsheets - our checker app validates as you go
  2. Upload to our portal & await processing complete notification
  3. Download xml file and detail report

Review, authorise and submit

Simplicity at heart

  1. Import data from your Enterprise System through our data integration module, from spreadsheet template or even by manually entering data
  2. Data is validated as you go – highlighting errors and warnings - make any amendments required
  3. Review and Approve – multiple approvers, specific approvers - you choose your regime
  4. Generate XML file & submit to the tax authority
  5. Record submission confirmation details


Software installed in your business

For higher volumes of reporting and for organisations thinking strategically, an installation of fb-TDE within your IT infrastructure is usually the preferred option.  You can deploy fb-TDE is a single software hub to consolidate your multi jurisdictional tax reporting data in one place, or have multiple installations where ever you need them.  The software is powerful, yet easy to deploy, use and manage. Point and click enterprise data integration eases data acquisition.

Installed Software Key Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Multi Jurisdiction Reporting
  • Multi Reporting Financial Institution Reporting
  • Data Validation in real time
  • Approval & Submission Control
  • Progress Dashboards
  • Instant update for jurisdictional rule changes
  • Updated for CRS 2.0
  • Data Integration with Enterprise Systems
  • Data Management Tools
  • Multi Layer Approval & Audit Trail
  • Report Amendment function
  • Comprehensive Submission Reporting
  • Support – we’re here to help you all the way
  • IDES Packet Assembly
  • Support electronic filing for US domestic FATCA form 8966
  • Proven since 2015
  • Country separation, Report combination
  • Multi national user base

Reporting as a Service Key Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Best for low to medium volumes, single to many RFI’s
  • Multi Jurisdiction Reporting
  • Multi Reporting Financial Institution
  • Data Validation in real time
  • Super support service from our experienced team
  • Self Service Tools
  • IDES Packet Assembly
  • Amendments Service

What’s new

AEoI Reporting: CRS & FACTA xml files

fb-TDE 2021 - Is available now with new features and updates.  Naturally it supports CRS v2.0 and we've added more reporting options for generating alternative views of reporting data for CRS Audit, reconciliation and other purposes.

We've also added more TIN pattern validation checking and plenty of other detail changes added in response to user feedback.

Submision generation performance has also been improved for very large data sets.

Data Integration

Out of the box data integration. Let your database administrators connect fb-TDE to your data sources and pull the data directly into the software.

Data transformation tools.

Integrations with fiduciary software packages - 4Series, Unity, ViewPoint and naturally our own Flyingboat Wealth Management Software.  

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By Country Report Separation

Some jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands require separate files to be submitted for each ultimate destination country. 

This saved one client the job of dividing one substantial Fund RFI report into 22 separate XML files. 

Report Combination

Some jurisdictions require that where a business has many Reportable Financial Institution entities either as part of its group or on a managed or sponsored entity basis, that the individual reports are combined into a single XML file.

CRS & FATCA Corrections Service

We have extended our software and service to enable amendments to be made to XML files that were generated by other systems.  Click for more details.



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