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Fund Administration

AcuFund is an integrated Fund Administration and Account Management package.

AcuFund is a fully integrated package suited to all types of fund structure be it listed, hedge, fund of funds or private equity. It provides a comprehensive solution to the whole fund ecosystem including investors, management companies and SPVs.

Building on the core of Acumen, AcuFund was designed to be an 'All in One system' where ease of use is key to the user experience coupled with comprehensive functionality and within a robust control environment. 

AcuFund has a modular structure built on industry standard technology of Microsoft SQL Server and it is a Windows Desktop client application that integrates with your other systems such as DMS. It is ideally suited to remote working and outsourcing and it has performed exceptionally well during the COVID 19 pandemic.

AcuFund offers flexibility and performance whilst being both secure and easy to use. The system provides vast functionality whilst keeping a standard user-friendly interface throughout the application.


Sophisticated multi entity, multi-currency accounting

Automated bookkeeping

Entity consolidation and cross entity reporting

Bank and Custodian data feed integration for automated processing

Efficient Pricing & NAV calculation

Business administration

Time & Disbursement Recording

Multi-level efficiency and profitability reporting

Automated and bespoke billing

Invoicing approval workflow and control

Debtor Management

Secretarial & registration

Comprehensive statutory register functionality

Statutory document production

Investor database

Call & Distribution Management

Transfer agency

Flexible security types

Tasks & Diary

Comprehensive task management system

Checklist controls for process management

Diary functionality

Integrated reviews

Regulatory and Compliance Functionality

Intuitive CDD monitoring and reporting

Dynamic risk rating of all contacts and entities

Risk based payment and operational controls

Regulatory and FATCA CRS Reporting

Luxembourg standards compliant including data encryption

Management Reporting

Easy data extraction XLS

DMS integration

Permission based access

Investor Web Portals

Key Highlights

Automated Processing

Luxembourg standards compliant includng data encryption

Bank and Custodian data feed integration

Industry Standard Technology

Microsoft SQL Server

Windows Desktop client application

Investor Web Portals 


A feature rich, multi-currency, multi-entity accounting system with integrated investment accounting. The core accounting system covers all types of investment be it debt, fixed interest, equities or property. AcuFund’s accounting functionality covers the more complex areas of partnership and carried interests, and links to management companies and SPVs. As well as its specialised fund accounting functions, AcuFund has the more traditional General Ledger functionality and creditor and debtor management.

The ability to link direct to your partner banks and custodians significantly reduces book keeping time and costs as well as reducing the risk of error. Similarly, our auto price feeds reduce the cost and scope for error in the valuation and NAV production process.

AcuFund has the functionality to consolidate entities and produce comprehensive reports on both the ledgers and investments. Reports can be produced for multi entities allowing easy consolidation and multi-fund reporting.

Business Administration

We provide all the tools to ensure you bill your clients for the services you provide them. You can bill NAV based, time based or other types of fees as required. We provide a seamless environment for your client and disbursement billing with appropriate controls and segregated approvals.  The time recording functionality and comprehensive reporting ensures you have the tools to manage your efficiency and profitability.

In order to streamline the billing process, we have automated and bespoke billing and have integrated invoice workflows including authorisation and profitability controls.

The time and billing systems are integrated into both client and your accounting and banking systems simplifying bookkeeping, payment processing and debtor control. 

Secretarial & Registration

The powerful database allows you to maintain all the registers and other records for any type of fund structure. It can manage corporate actions, maintain multiple class share registers and more. In addition, you can store the vast array of other entity information such as advisors, property details and any other information necessary to manage a client’s affairs in the modern environment.

The investor database holds all your investor records and is linked to your document management system so copy documentation, be it CDD or application forms, can be located easily from your desk. The dynamic risk rating functionality allows you to satisfy your legal and regulatory requirements.

Managing LP calls and distributions is a simple process with high level controls so errors are eliminated.

Regulatory and Compliance Functionality

We use dynamic risk rating for all contacts and entities to help you ensure that you are operating in accordance with regulatory requirements and that your processes respond automatically to any change in the risk profile of your clients.

Risk based controls are embedded in our payment and other processes and we constantly monitor clients CDD to ensure it meets your requirements. Larger and higher risk transactions can be automatically routed to your compliance department for review before they leave your office.

In order to facilitate outsourcing, AcuFund is compliant with Luxembourg and other jurisdiction’s privacy laws through the use of encryption and restricted access to confidential information.

We have a comprehensive suite of regulatory reports and links to our integrated regulatory reporting & compliance tools including

Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange for FATCA & CRS Reporting  - more

Flyingboat Jersey Registry Tools for digital Registry filings - more

Substance and Beneficial Ownership Portals  - more

Tasks, Diary and Review

We offer a comprehensive task management system that allows you to track the progress of defined tasks to ensure efficient client servicing and minimise risk. Using AcuFund’s checklists allows you to monitor progress of time critical activities such as NAV production and dealing.

AcuFund’s diary gives you the functionality you need to flag up and plan for events before they happen. By using the diary function, you can ensure that essential deadlines are not missed.

Integrated reviews through AcuReview - more

Management Reporting

AcuFund provides a comprehensive library of pre-configured reports that is necessary for you to run your business and control your risks. The software supports client variants of common report styles including invoices, valuations, concentration and pricing reports, and Net Asset Statements.

AcuFund is linked to your DMS system making for fast document retrieval. Should you wish, you can extract data to Microsoft Excel to enable dynamic reporting and analysis by driving data sets into Pivot Tables, Charts and other interactive data presentation styles. 

Our web portals allow permission-based access to investors and managers.


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