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Acu Review for Risk Management

AcuReview for Risk Management

Performing periodic entity reviews and establishing and managing risk ratings are a key part of the KYC compliance process.  AcuReview provides a flexible and efficient solution to running questionnaire based review process and managing follow up points.  

Integrated with our own admin solutions or used in your own environment this versatile product eliminates manual forms, ‘control spreadsheets’ and cumbersome solutions for managing follow up whilst providing objective, evidence based risk ratings.


Build your own questionnaires from templates

Follow Up Points

Record and manage review follow up points, assign follow up tasks to users and manage resolution. 

Risk Ratings

Automated risk scores calculated from question responses. 


Review dashboard enables easy monitoring of progress

Review anything

Review corportaes, individuals, groups, assets in fact anything.

More Details

RiskReview is a desktop application that allows the reviewing of Clients, individuals, Family Groups, Assets, in fact, you can review just about anything.

Clean and easy to use interface keeps your reviews and action points in one place allowing dynamic progress dashboarding and management overview of Actions and Reviews

The system comes with a Review Progress Dashboard to monitor review progress, additional reporting to provide extracts of upcoming and completed reviews for auditing purposes. All reports and grid views are exportable to an Excel style format.

Multiple review types

Any style of review can be accommodated through the system.  Commonly organisations perform general periodic account reviews and related to these - at differing intervals, are risk reviews. 

Reviews can be run as one-off events or as part of a scheduled process and rolled on resulting risk review dates.

Flexible template based approach

The use of templates and definable Review and Risk Worksheet questions provides maximum flexibility to tailor the solution to your needs.


Review status visibility

All current live cases can be easily identified with current risk, reviews and actions outstanding and current user responsibilities


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