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Trust & Company Administration

An integrated enterprise application for automating the functions of family offices, trust and company administration, fund administrators, yacht and aircraft management and other financial services businesses particularly those with sophisticated investment accounting requirements wherever you are in the world.

We offer integrated enterprise applications for automating the administration of trust and corporate service providers, ship and aircraft management companies, and family offices. Our most popular solution with over 1000 users, is Acumen. Acumen is the core of a comprehensive suite of administration solutions with AcuFund and AcuPen. In addition to providing comprehensive TCS administration functionality, Flyingboat Wealth Management Software (Flyingboat), also provides specific modules for ship and aircraft management, crew payrolls management and other specialist functionality.

Our Acumen and Flyingboat administration solutions bring sophisticated automation and control to all aspects of trust and corporate administration. As well as the standard functions of keeping accounting and statutory records, managing investments, payment processing, compliance and regulatory functions, you can keep track of tasks and activities, and have comprehensive flexible client reporting.

We provide powerful tools to manage your own business and avoid duplication. We have incorporated advanced time recording, automated billing, profitability management, debtor control and other essential functionality. Over two decades of continuous development we deliver easy to use but sophisticated and powerful solutions that are suitable for both large and small service providers.

Family Offices

Our solutions simplify the complex task of managing numerous and complex structures that are associated with managing the wealth of ultra-high net worth individuals and their families.  Our software offers Family Offices many advantages by enabling you to store all of the data in one place, and to easily produce consolidated wealth reporting.  These are just two of the advantages of using a well-established administration system.


Sophisticated multi entity, multi-currency accounting

Automated book keeping

Entity consolidation and cross entity reporting

Integrated investment accounting 

Business administration

Time & Disbursement Recording

Multi-level efficiency and profitability reporting

Service Charge Management

Automated and bespoke billing

Invoicing approval workflow and control

Debtor Management.

Secretarial & registration

Comprehensive statutory register functionality

Statutory document production

Substance & Beneficial Ownership Portals.  more

Tasks & Diary

Comprehensive task management system

Diary functionality

Integrated reviews

Regulatory and Compliance Functionality

Intuitive CDD monitoring and reporting

Dynamic risk rating of all contacts and entities

Risk based payment and operational controls

Regulatory Reporting - FATCA & CRS

GDPR - Right to be forgotten management

Key Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Integrated functionality for efficiency
  • Any entity type, any jurisdiction, any currencies
  • Multi currency
  • Graphical tools
  • Granular User permissioning
  • GDPR compliance
  • Rules Engine to enforce data quality
  • Highly productive with AutoPilots
  • Secure Data – SQL Server
  • Single user / Multi User , Single Site / Multi Site
  • Data Feeds – FX, Bank, Price, Entity Screening (Risk/PEP/Sanction List)
  • Support – we’re here to help you all the way
  • Proven since 1999, highly evolved, feature rich
  • Multi national user base
  • Microsoft Office Integration


A feature rich multi currency, multi entity accounting system with integrated investment and fixed asset accounting and investment reporting. Developed specifically for the requirements of investment entities it is equally at home managing any entity accounting needs with full General Ledger, Credit & Debtor management. Integrates with fees and billing functionality, as well as feeds from Banks and Investment price sources to automate where possible.

UK HMRC Making Tax Digital approved.

Business Administration

We provide all the tools to ensure you bill your clients for the services you provide them. Starting from time recording, rate cards, disbursement management through to client billing, we provide a seamless environment with appropriate controls and comprehensive reporting to ensure you have to tools to manage your efficiency and profitability.

In order to streamline the billing process, we have automated and bespoke billing and have integrated invoice workflows including authorisation and profitability controls.

The time and billing systems are integrated into both client and your accounting and banking systems simplifying book keeping, payment processing and debtor control.

Billing functionality can also be used by administered entities.

Secretarial & Registration

The powerful database allows you to maintain all the registers and other records for any structure – Company, Trust, Foundation, Fund etc. Manage corporate actions, maintain multiple class Share Registers and more. In addition, you can store the vast array of other entity information such as advisors, property details and any other information necessary to manage a client’s affairs in the modern environment.

The database provides all the information needed for Regulatory and Compliance reporting such as beneficial ownership, economic substance, annual validation filing etc.

The system will generate standard documents and minutes as required.

Embedded Regulatory and Compliance Functionality

We use dynamic risk rating for all contacts and entities to help you ensure that you are operating in accordance with regulatory requirements and that your processes respond automatically to any change in the risk profile of your clients.

Risk based controls are embedded in our payment and other processes and we constantly monitor clients CDD to ensure it meets your requirements. Larger and higher risk transactions can be automatically routed to your compliance department for review before they leave your office.

We have a comprehensive suite of regulatory reports and links to our integrated regulatory reporting & compliance tools including

Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange for FATCA & CRS Reporting  - more

Flyingboat Jersey Registry Tools for digital Registry filings - more

Substance and Beneficial Ownership Portals  - more

Tasks, Diary and Reviews

We offer a comprehensive task management system that allows you to track the progress of defined tasks to ensure efficient client servicing and minimise risk.

The diary gives you the functionality you need to flag up and plan for events before they happen.

Tasks can be simple one off activities or based on templated multi staged processes.

Periodic Reviews are scheduled and managed through AcuReview Functionality - more.

Powerful Reporting & Microsoft Office Integration

We provide a comprehensive library of pre-configured reports that is necessary for you to run your business. The software automatically supports client specific variants of common report styles including Invoices, Statements and Net Asset Statements.

We utilise the power of Microsoft Excel to enable dynamic reporting and analysis by driving data sets into Pivot Tables, Charts and other interactive data presentation styles.  Document generation through Microsoft Word provides further options for improving your performance on paper.

Our customers include

  • Trust & Company Administrators & Trustees
  • Corporate Service Providers
  • Family Office / Multi Family Offices
  • Yacht, Ship and Aircraft Managers
  • Pension Providers & Life Insurance Companies
  • Accountancy Practices
  • Fund Managers and Administrators
  • Other Financial Service Providers


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